FAQ:  Weddings 

Our goal is to make your day come back alive with your photographs and be just as special as it was being there. We get a lot of questions about our wedding services and here are a few of the more popular ones. Please email us or call for any questions!
Do you have contracts?

Yes, we fully believe in contracts and require a contract to be signed along with the deposit to save your date. Contracts are a great way for you to know your date is set in stone and for us to know that you are serious.  
What is the deposit?
We require 20% down for your deposit due the day of signing the contract. This deposit is non refundable and holds your date.
Why the deposit? 
We only allow one wedding per date. This lets us know that you are serious because we will be turning away other brides who want the same date.
Can we book you for less than the six hour package?
Please email us your situation, but we believe in telling the story of your wedding day and to produce the quality of work we think you deserve. It dose take time to capture all the special moments of your day and we find six hours is the minimum to get those photographs comfortably.
What is your turn around time for our photographs?
We say approxamently 90 days, but it could be much less. Depends on the volume of weddings that month.
Will you be shooting the whole time we book you?
For the most part yes. We do take a 10 minute break for lunch/dinner which will be explained during consult.
Do the Bride and Groom have printing rights?
Yes, you may print your photographs whereever you please. We do offer professional quaility prints at affordable prices though.