Hello and Welcome!


We are Jamie Rider and Daniel Rider of J|D Elegance Photography. We are a couple of creatives who love snapping dreamy shots and getting to know the people we work with.


A little bit about our own love story... Back in College we both had a love for film photography and ended up taking the same film class. We met in the dark room of the college. We fell in love and fell in love with each others work. He loves landscape and events and I love anything to do with people. We both realized we loved the wedding industry. It's cheesy and we know it, but capturing someone's BIG day as beautiful as they remember it is one of our biggest passions. We just got married a few summers ago ourselves! 9/3/16! Be on the lookout for our weddings photographs! We actually did them with our own company with the help of some of our assistants.


We would love to meet you and get to know you better! Contact us about ANY questions! We work with quite a few vendors and can help point you in the right direction for any of your wedding or event needs.



Hope to talk with you soon,

Jamie and Daniel


Our wedding in 2016!


Our 2019 Christmas card! Our cat Pooka was actually purring during this photoshoot!